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favorite superpower

Savvy Reading is an online live reading program
to help children learn to read

how savvy works

Online Classes 4 days a Week
Savvy Reading consists of four 25-minute reading sessions each week (Monday – Thursday) to provide your reader with the consistency needed to build strong reading skills. When you sign up, you’ll indicate what time slot works with your schedule (we have classes from early in the morning until late at night!) and we’ll match you with a class that’s at the right level and fits your schedule.
Live Coach-Led Sessions
Experienced, engaging coaches are at the core of Savvy Reading’s offering. Our incredible coaches are credentialed and well-prepared to help your child have a positive experience learning to read in an encouraging environment at home!  Savvy’s curriculum is aligned with Common Core standards for Pre-K-5th grade levels to ensure your reader is fully equipped to excel.
Group or Individual Options

Savvy Reading has two class options: small group (a maximum of four readers) or 1:1 coaching. Small groups allow coaches to pay close attention to each reader so no one falls through the cracks. For children who will fare better with 1:1 coaching, individual coaching is also available. You can switch from group to individual or vice versa at any time.

Savvy Reading may be for you if:

  • Your child is struggling with reading and needs help getting to grade level.
  • Your child is ready to start learning to read but you don’t have the time or ability to teach them yourself.
  • You’re homeschooling and you want your child to have interaction with other children.
  • Your child responds better to other adults.
  • You struggle to consistently work with your child on your own.
  • Your child does not yet have confidence in reading.
  • Your child does not yet enjoy reading.

How it Works

About Us

By parents, for parents

Savvy Reading was started to solve a real problem that we’ve experienced ourselves, as parents. Some of our kids picked up reading pretty quickly and without a great deal of effort from us. Others really struggled (a surprising amount)! Through it all, we discussed how great it would be to have a convenient, comprehensive program led by an experienced, enthusiastic reading coach to help our little readers gain confidence and learn to love reading as much as we do. Nothing out there seemed to check all of the boxes, so we created Savvy Reading.


1 Month
$ 179 per month
  • Only $10.23 per session!
  • Dedicated coach
  • Group of 2-4 readers
  • 4 sessions/week
  • Monthly subscription with monthly billing
6 Months
$ 163
per month
  • Only $9.37 per session!
  • Dedicated coach
  • Group of 2-4 readers
  • 4 sessions/week
  • Six-month subscription with monthly billing
12 Months
$ 148
per month
  • Only $8.51 per session!
  • Dedicated coach
  • Group of 2-4 readers
  • 4 sessions/week
  • Annual subscription with monthly billing
1 Month
$ 329 per month
  • Only $18.80 per session!
  • Dedicated coach
  • 1:1 session
  • 4 sessions/week
  • Monthly subscription with monthly billing
More plan and pricing options available
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